BARRACUDA RC BOATS Custom CNC & Laser Cut Boat Kits

What do I actually get in a frame or full kit?

*Note* We recommend a thin layer of fiberglass over all of our completed kits to seal the boat from water. This reinforces the balsa ply and provides a water tight seal for the boat.

Frame Kit: 

This kit includes all framing for the hull. The ribs and keel are CNC or laser cut and labeled for easy assembly. You must provide outside sheeting 

for these kits.

Pictured: 47" Chris Craft Barrel Back

Full Kit: 

This kit includes all wood to build the hull including CNC or Laser cut ribs, keel, deck, and super structure. Depending on which boat you purchase, the sides and bottom will need to be sheeted with the balsa that is included. 

Pictured: 36" Shearleg Crane Barge with all wood needed to build hull.

***These are for our standard listed kits. Custom orders, hull plugs, and special requests may differ from the kit contents unless otherwise specified.***