BARRACUDA RC BOATS Custom Laser Cut Boat Kits

Terms, Conditions, and Release of Liability

Payment by personal check, money orders, paypal, credit card or cashier checks are accepted. 

Custom design: fees are non-refundable. The cutting of a custom "one-off" boat is non-refundable. We will always send a preview of the 3D design before we cut to get approval before cutting. If there is an error in the cut that deviates from the approved plan, please alert us and we will immediately ship a replacement part. 

By ordering a wood boat kit, you understand that this kit requires basic wood working and model assembling skills. Parts like framing are CNC/Laser cut but may require a light sanding and/or trimming for an exact fit. Balsa sheeting must be cut to fit and will be supplied in sheet form. We are happy to answer any questions. Please contact us if you have any issues.

Barracuda RC Boats assumes no liability for damages or other loss with the use of our products, as we have no control over the construction or end use of this product. By purchasing a boat kit, you assume responsibility for any and all actions and consequences that may result in you or anyone using the model.