BARRACUDA RC BOATS Custom CNC & Laser Cut Boat Kits
Custom Boat Design

Custom Boat Design

Do you want a custom designed boat kit? Contact us by email with design specifications, size, required materials, and preferred timeline of completion for a specific quote. Our prices for custom design start at only $225. 

We can design boats that are currently on the market (life size) or replicate models at different scales. The only limiting factor is your imagination! 

Note: This is only for design. CNC/Laser cutting the actual product will be an additional cost. All custom work, once paid for, is non-refundable. As many as 75 hours go in to each design. If paper plans need to be scanned in to a digital format, actual costs will be the responsibility of the customer. Typical design time to produce a 3D model for approval before cutting proceeds is 30-40 days. We will keep you up to date on progress throughout the design process. Please email us for a quote before purchasing.