BARRACUDA RC BOATS Custom Laser Cut Boat Kits
1/16 LCVP Mk3

1/16 LCVP Mk3

1/16 LCVP Mk3 Landing Craft Kit 

Length: 42"

**Pictures show progress of prototype kit. All parts to finish kit will be included in your purchase.**

Please note there is the basic kit which includes all wood to build the kit and there is also an upgrade option to include all the 3D printed accessories and LED light kit.

Wood Kit includes:

-laser cut Birch frames and keel

-laser cut sheeting

-laser cut cabin

-servo and rudder mounts

-laser cut front loading ramp

-basswood sticks for reinforcement and detailing

Upgrade accessories kit includes:

-50 piece 3D printed accessories

*Navigation and mast lights


*(2) Engine hatches

*(7) Bollards

*Freeman crew hatch

*(2) Exhaust ports

*(4) 25-person lifeboat capsules

*(2) life boat stands

*Air vent

*(4) pipes

*Radar unit

*(11) piece window trim set

*Water tight door with handles

-laser cut acrylic windows

-7 pre-wired LEDs for navigation lights

-(2) rudders

-Rope for winch

If you are outside the USA, PLEASE EMAIL US FIRST SO WE CAN CALCULATE SHIPPING COSTS OUTSIDE THE USA. Typical shipping to the EU is around $65-$85.