BARRACUDA RC BOATS Custom Laser Cut Boat Kits
73" Anchor Handling Tug Kit

73" Anchor Handling Tug Kit

Anchor Handling Ocean Going Tug Boat Kit

Length: 73 inches
Scale: 1:48
Power Option: Electric 

  • Laser cut frames
  • Laser cut keel 
  • Removable laser cut super structure
  • Removable deck
  • Laser cut sheeting
  • Balsa sheets for planking bottom

Please note: This is an expert level modeler's kit. All wood to complete the hull is included. You will have to add fittings, hardware, and power options. This kit includes laser cut frames, keel and super structure that easily fit together, but you will have to sheet the bottom and bow by hand. We insist you cover the boat with a layer of fiberglass to seal the wood after the hull is assembled. This fiberglass is not included in the kit. You will have to have expert level modeling skills and basic wood working skills to complete this kit. 

Due to the size and amount of material to be cut, please allow 4-6 weeks before shipment. 

For international shipments outside of the USA, please contact so we can estimate shipping.