BARRACUDA RC BOATS Custom Laser Cut Boat Kits


**NOTE: If you only select the chip barge add-on, you will not receive any barge to mount it to. If you would like the two-in-one barge combo, please select a base barge in the options menu above. You will receive a $10 discount on any barge you add when you include the chip barge attachment.

Scale: 1/25

Length: 47 inches

This chip barge is perfect for carrying wood chips or any load of your choice! Measuring a massive 47" long and 9" tall, there is a TON of room for any cargo you may have. 

The BEST part about this barge combo is that it is TWO barges in one! The Chip Barge walls are removable. This means you can hide the flat deck barge or cargo barge underneath when you want to use the chip barge attachment, or just remove the chip barge walls and expose the flat deck or cargo barge for a change of pace! No need to haul around 2 different barges!

The basic kit without any add on includes:

-58 Laser cut Wall supports

-6 Chip Barge walls CNC cut from Furniture grade Birch

- 4 basswood sticks for reinforcement and detailing

This kit includes the following if you select the base barge + the Chip Barge add-on:

-CNC Cut barge hull from furniture grade Birch

-8 Bollards mounted in 4 positions

-Italian Poplar sheeting

-Your choice of a Flat Deck Barge or Cargo barge

Please email us with any questions. Kit is show with the cargo barge + chip barge add on. This kit comes unassembled.